How After 4+ Years of Frustration from Dog Problems, I Finally Found Out How Dogs Think and How to End Even the TOUGHEST Dog Problems FAST

If you are having problems with your dog biting, barking, chewing on things, digging, jumping up on people, or any other training problem, and are thinking of giving up your dog or trying expensive dog training courses, then let me be honest with you from the get-go... based on my personal experience, expensive dog training courses don't help, and you don't have to give up your dog - there is a solution.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will open your mind for a few minutes and listen to what I have to say. I donít want you to experience the frustration I went through for so many years, and I definitely don't want you to have to give up your dog.

Trust me, training techniques like choke collars, pinch collars, yelling at your dog or anything of that sort will not put an end to your dog's bad behavior. And I'm sure you'll agree it won't make your dog love you and be loyal.

The purpose of writing and maintaining this blog is to tell you my story, and hopefully help you take the right path toward the solution, which gave me my life and my wonderful, fun pups back.

I will tell you exactly what I tried that did not fix the problem, why expensive training courses made my dogs behavior worse, and how I finally fixed their bad behavior by following the advice in a unique training guide that you can view here.

My name is Jenny Robinson and I have had dogs since I was 8 years old....but until a year ago, never had a well-behaved dog in my life!

My dogs always barked, dug holes in the yard, growled at me if I went near them while they were eating, had accidents in the house on occasion, and so on. It was annoying, but never became a really big deal until I moved out, and now was the only one taking care of them! (I have more appreciate for my mother now, that's for sure)

I spent the next 4 years frustrated and angry on a regular basis because of their behavior, and trying to find an effective solution to permanently end the behavior problems.

I tried expensive obedience classes. It was $85 for 6 weeks or something like that. I had the worst behaved dogs in the whole class! Not only that, but their behavior got worse from following the techniques I was learning!

So I jumped online and started looking for information. There certainly wasn't a lack of information, but again, nothing worked. After trying all sorts of different advice, my dogs were still misbehaved - and to make things worse, they were now afraid of me!

It was humiliating! Neighbors were always mad because of all the barking. When people came over, my dogs would jump all over them. I couldn't keep them off the couch so the couch was always covered in hair, and sometimes they'd growl at my guests.

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Then a strange coincidence helped me find the solution.

I was at a conference for work, and the guy sitting next to me heard me talking to my brother on the phone (he was dog-sitting and having problems with them). He asked what kind of dogs I had, and mentioned hearing other people say Beagles are hard to train (one of my dogs is a Beagle).

I laughed, and replied "ALL dogs are hard to train". I went on to explain that I have had many dogs during my lifetime, all different breeds, and they were all misbehaved and nothing had worked to fix their bad behavior.

He shared his own story of recently adopting his first puppy ever, and how he enrolled her in puppy training classes with no success, and continued having trouble training her until he learned about this Dog Training Secret.

I had never heard of it before and was skeptical, especially since I just barely met this guy that day. But it seemed different than what I'd seen before, and I always try to stay open minded, so I gave it a shot. After all, nothing good can come from just giving up.

Boy am I glad I did.

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Here’s why I recommend it.

I recommend it because it saved my sanity, and my relationship with my dogs. They went from being a big pain in the you know what, to being a whole lot of fun. Now I look forward to taking them on walks, playing fetch, dressing them up in cute little clothes when guests come over (which I don't think they like very much, but they put up with it! :) )

No more chewed up shoes, no more worrying they'll growl at guests (even though they're now senior dogs, they're still playful and aren't grouchy), no more worrying I'll come home to pee-covered carpet...just laughs and good times.

Plus you'll learn how to teach your dog how to perform Lassie's classic TV show trick, which is completely adorable and will impress all your friends.

Make the right decision and grab this opportunity, which I wish I had known about years ago, and put an end to your dog's behavior problems today. You'll be glad you did.

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